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Why CIOs Outsource IT Processes

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 |

Smaller enterprises in the IT industry have been observed taking greater interest in IT outsourcing. The CIOs of these organizations were even seen adopting new processes related to outsourcing at a faster rate than the big players in the field.

highlighted some of the developing facts within the industry. It was recently reported that small and medium enterprises are attaining more benefits of outsourcing and one reason cited was the continuous growth of trust and credibility in the SME segment.

Below are the common reasons IT directors of small and medium enterprises outsource IT processes:

1) Have experts resolve detrimental situations.
No IT operation is perfect. Although databanks and connectivity are built to be secure, these are still vulnerable to attacks and malicious threats. By having a third party service provider that focuses only on a specific niche, you wouldn’t have a hard time resolving the issues because they have the necessary tools to analyze and solve the problem.    

2) IT tools will be at your disposal.
One of the challenges faced by CIOs is the massive capital expenditures needed for infrastructure such as software, databanks and hardware, among others. What business owners can do is to have a service provider take on some of the basic IT work such as hosting and management of data. Having a service provider will also enable you to adjust the specifications of your IT capabilities according to the real-time requirements of your business.

3) Have the best possible solution.

Instead of finding a quick-fix, the right outsourcing partner will walk you through which areas of your IT division can be retained in-house and which ones can be outsourced. Some of the aspects that a good service provider will look at are the number of employees of the company that need support, what devices you are using, the common software being used during work hours or operations, etc.

4) Get more resources for core processes.

One of the pillars of a respectable and strong company is an exceptional customer support. If your business has a large customer base, you will need a dedicated division to perform non-stop help desk services. Even small IT operations and businesses need customer support, and this can easily be outsourced to a tech support company that offers various solutions such as voice support, even unconventional ways such as email and chat support. Instead of exhausting your resources on customer support alone, you can allocate certain parts of your budget for the core processes of the business.

5) Save on staff cost.
Becoming more economical is still the priority of business owners and CIOs. Some of them utilize the budget on more important functions of the company instead of hiring a beginner then gradually train him/her until he/she is able to perform the necessary task. They can go straight to a candidate or a service provider and select the candidate who will be the most effective on the job.

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