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When to Outsource Project Management

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, June 4, 2015 |

Project management has become a crucial part of a company’s day-to-day operation. It enables business leaders to focus on each division of the company, and ensure that objectives and goals are met.

For companies that are expanding or going through changes in their set-up, the entire business entity has a hard time adjusting to the changes, which is why most of the time, one (or more) of their processes breaks.
One of the popular solutions utilized by today’s executives is outsourcing. It has been around for nearly a decade and over the years, more and more organizations see its benefits and can attest that it’s one of the most promising answers to a business’ needs.

Now, how will you exactly know that that you are already due for some outsourcing? CIO.com posted factors that might give you the right nudge to outsource your project management capabilities.

1. Lack of skilled candidates
Your office could be located in a place where required talent is hard to come by, making it hard for you to have sufficient resources to carry out new processes like project management. Also, even if you add tasks to your existing staff, it will still not be enough. It will inhibit their capabilities particularly for their core tasks, and will eventually lead to poor outcomes.

Since project management is not a niche segment, experts and specialists for the process are uncommon. Your internal staff might not have the sufficient project management experience and skills your organization needs to draft a strategy and implement it. Also, the project itself might need a higher level of skill.

2. You need to reduce costs, and you need to do it now.
All types of organizations go through this. This is often caused by companies offering similar services at cost-effective price points, new expensive software and hardware upgrades are out in the market, and investors simply backing out. Not having the needed resources to hire new staff becomes quite a challenge, which is why companies find vendors that offer project management services at lower costs.

3. You need to work on projects as soon as possible.
By outsourcing project management, you will be able to address the sudden changes in your business. For instance, you have a six-month contract with a client and you need to keep an eye on the progress of the entire project. The easiest solution is to outsource.

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