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What Telemarketers should Avoid

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, April 26, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Only Deal with Professional Telemarketing Service Provider

Some businesses are likely to get penalized for improper telemarketing practices. For instance, consumers still get calls from a certain company, which they have specifically registered in their Do Not Call list. They can lodge a complaint to the FTC and pursue a case against the company for disregarding their specific request.    

Of course, no company would like to be sued and have their brand tarnished, which is why most organizations that need aggressive marketing only deal with professional telemarketing companies.

shares some of the things that business owners should look out for when selecting a telemarketing partner:

Robocalls are considered as part of SOP.
Robocalls are an illegal practice for telemarketing. Even if the telemarketing service provider claims that doing robocalls is perfectly safe and that they are experts on the matter, do not think twice of turning their offer or package down. Never risk your company’s reputation for the sake of reducing costs.

Do Not Call list is not updated.
One of the crucial compliance factors for telemarketing companies is to strictly follow the Do Not Call list. By assuring that the telemarketing service provider you’ve chosen strictly follows this protocol, you will at least have an idea of the type of leads they have. For instance, they’ve already removed unfavourable leads or leads that are already irate.  

This basically means hacking the system so that the number that will appear on the customer’s caller ID will be different.

Misleading introductions.
It is hard enough to trust someone over the phone, and it is even harder to trust someone who is obviously altering his/her character for the sake of landing a sale. Since telemarketers are the ones calling, it is only appropriate to properly introduce themselves and the company they are representing.

Some of these unethical practices carry a hefty fine. It is up to the business leader to make the right choice for their company’s telemarketing processes.

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