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What Brands can Do to Boost Social Campaigns during Holidays

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Monday, January 13, 2014 |

Part of ingenious marketing is making use of holidays as an opportunity to get creative and promote your brand in exciting ways. People look to social media for entertainment and news, and excitement is always heightened when a holiday is fast approaching. So what better time to build up long-term loyalty and engage audiences on social media than on major holidays?

Here are four ways your brand can use social media to promote holiday campaigns throughout the year.

1. Show your brand's creative and fun side with a holiday Vine. Owned by Twitter, the mobile app lets you create eye-catching content in the form of six-second video clips. Whether it's to showcase your products and bring them to life via stop-motion or simply send a holiday message, this video-looping app will help draw attention to your brand and give you the chance to go viral.

2. Utilize Twitter for promoting microsites for an event or contest. As microsites are separate from your main website and have separate web addresses, it will be easy to close down or remove links once the event is done. You can run a campaign and require users to connect their Twitter accounts to complete the registration. Connecting Twitter to your campaign means that it will be visible across social media and therefore boost engagement.

3. Adding Facebook games to your holiday campaigns encourages engagement and is a reliable way to attract people's attention and spread your message to wider networks as they play. Online gaming is a high-engagement activity, and when combined with user-generated marketing, your brand is sure to attain maximum reach and visibility.

4. Some of the biggest brands use image-sharing sites like Pinterest for new campaigns that drive engagement, traffic, and online sales. To make shopping easy, other brands use Pinterest boards and pins to serve as catalogues for their products. Pinterest has also become the go-to place for tips and ideas. The good thing about Pinterest is that it has "secret boards" where you can build up your holiday campaign while waiting for the opportune moment to unveil it, make it public, and move it to the top of your profile.

Putting social media at the center of your holiday marketing campaigns not only increases engagement and grows your audience - it's also the best way to enjoy greater online presence as well as increased sales and website traffic.


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