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Ways to Improve Relationships with Virtual Teams

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, June 4, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Since technology has paved the way for globalization in the business arena, companies are now able to maximize opportunities in other countries. Even the process of putting up an offshore operation, whether handled by internal management or via a third party service provider, is now easier.      

Internet connectivity is crucial in this type of operation, but how can employees foster a harmonious working environment if their co-workers are miles away from them?

An article posted at Noobpreneur.com discusses how global businesses can hold virtual team building sessions that help promote solidarity among their employees from different parts of the world.

Improve relationships with virtual teams

Here are four basic ways on how to improve relationships with virtual teams:

Take time to introduce each member properly.

Employees will be able to socialize more properly if they know each other’s roles in the company and how their roles affect the business. This is also a way to build confidence in employees as they will feel that the business heads know them and their contributions to the company. When doing this over Skype or other online communicating platforms, another thing that could help everyone be at ease is a simple form of appreciation. When people feel they are appreciated, naturally, they become more confident.
Foster trust among team members.
Trusting someone whom you haven’t seen personally is quite difficult, so if members say they will finish on time, give them the benefit of the doubt so that you can assess and have basis for your upcoming projects. Always remind them that you are keeping a schedule and it should be strictly followed.

Corporate and social networking

There are so many ways to stay connected with team members. One of which is Facebook where each employee sees the more personal side of his or her team members. Facebook also allows groups to be made, a sort of a forum for the entire team where they can discuss non-work stuff. It would also be a great way to show each other the fun side of work and introduce a part of their working habit since they come from different locations which have different work cultures. Pictures, videos, and other types of digital media can help employees interact with each other better.

Foster understanding and patience.

Since not all employees can speak the universal language or understand basic jargon other employees are using, misunderstanding might come up. Department heads should take the lead and show employees how to deal with employees with a different culture by not necessarily giving them special treatment, but perhaps show more patience and exert more effort in understanding the situation.

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