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Ways Small Businesses can Improve Efficiency

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, July 1, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

A post at SpendMatters.com shares ways small businesses can keep the operations running smoothly:

Use outsourcing as a supplementary tool. Outsource only the processes that entail minimal impact to your business’ core functions. For instance, bookkeeping can be subcontracted to a third party service provider instead of hiring full-time staff which can sometimes be more expensive. Another process that can be outsourced is telemarketing or customer service since it is the type of repetitive and tedious work that can be laborious for in-house staff.

Re-establish relationships. Partnerships tend to plateau over time and in some cases, service providers become anchors that pull businesses down. Weed out the ineffective suppliers or try renegotiating contracts to drive growth to stay relevant in the unstable market.

Keep a record of your supplier’s performance and review your company’s goals against theirs periodically. This way, you are able to create better strategies and resolve problems immediately.

Try to innovate and keep up with the latest trends in the market. By using the latest technology, production and efficiency can be enhanced at a faster rate. An example of the latest digital craze that you can look into is cloud technology. You and your employees can store and access data anywhere, anytime. However, select only the technology that will help you improve efficiency and not distract your staff from their work.

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