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Using Integrated Marketing to Increase Engagement

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Friday, November 22, 2013 |

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is delivering one, unified message to customers across all brand channels. It is a marketing strategy that aims to exercise brand consistency across different mediums by complementing and reinforcing the overall impact of each marketing activity.
Marketing is effective in helping meet objectives and achieve better results when your channels and platforms work together. Aside from keeping your message consistent, integrated marketing can also dramatically increase your reach and engagement.
Here are three channel combinations for meaningful integrated marketing:
1. Email and Social Media
When doing email blasts, include items that are easily shareable (e.g. videos, checklists, quick tips) and then embed social sharing links in the email itself.
Including social sharing buttons makes it convenient to share your content. It also encourages engagement from your readers.
2. Email and Landing Pages
During an email campaign launch, make sure that you have at least one customized, targeted landing page to engage readers who click through.
There is available marketing software that makes it easy to create enticing landing pages. These pages are easy to replicate with different messages for different email segments and will also track new leads.
3. Press Releases and Social Media
Since press releases don't leave enough room for you to provide every detail, try to promote a hashtag within your statement.
Using hashtags encourages engagement because it makes it easy for readers to ask questions and join the conversation. And while you're educating your target audience, you are also helping increase brand visibility with every tweet and response.

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