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US IT Workers Worried about Job Security due to Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, July 25, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

IT Outsourcing a Solution or a Threat?

The results of a survey done by Monster.com, a leading brand under Monster Worldwide, Inc., were recently discussed at DailyFinance.com.

Monster.com is a renowned website that enables job seekers to find suitable opportunities and almost 6,000 of IT professionals, who are likewise registered users of the website, took part in the survey. Survey participants were asked about their views within the information technology industry and their opinions on the general job market.

The survey found that IT workers were generally happy with all aspects of their job. They came in fourth in terms of job satisfaction behind engineering, finance, and healthcare professionals.  

The survey also revealed that nearly one fourth think that by outsourcing offshore, companies are able to find candidates for more valuable work (8%), less menial tasks (11%), and innovative projects (13%). On the other hand, only 14 percent consider outsourcing as a suitable solution for business growth. Fifty-two percent see outsourcing as a threat, which could lead to less valued skills and salary deductions across the board. Moreover, 53 percent see outsourcing as a factor in decreasing employee morale. Lastly, 87 percent believe that IT jobs are being outsourced at a higher rate.

Jeffrey Quinn, Vice-president of Monster’s Global Insights, said IT employees in the US see offshore outsourcing as a threat to the security and availability of IT jobs. Monster data recommends that if companies want to keep the best IT talent, they should review all the necessary issues that are highly regarded by employees. These include proper job and skill match, salary, and career growth. Business executives should also consider enhancing teamwork and recognition in the workplace to improve morale.

With the growing demand for IT professionals in key markets, challenges in supply of qualified workers, even with the use of outsourcing, are still seen in the industry.

The top three markets in the US are New York, Washington DC, and Chicago, while the most sought after IT jobs are web developers, software developers, and computer system analysts. In addition to that, San Francisco ranked sixth which could mean that demand is growing across the country.

The top 10 occupations in IT are:

1. Software Developers, Applications
2. Web Developers
3. Computer Systems Analysts
4. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
5. Computer User Support Specialists
6. Information Technology Project Managers
7. Computer Programmers
8. Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers
9. Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
10. Database Administrators

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