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Three Major Challenges Marketers Face

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 |

Marketing Challenges

The consistently changing technology and rapidly evolving media environment are great challenges for marketers. Whatever the goal is, there is always at least one part of the marketing strategy where a marketer falls short.
Here are three difficulties for today's marketers, each followed by an idea or two about how to address them.
1. Understanding the Feedback Loop
It used to be that you could simply post messages through one channel for your audience to see. Since media evolves quickly, what worked before may not appeal to your target audience anymore. Marketers have to move away from strategies focused solely on specific channels and adopt a new approach to communication. This means delivering relevant content to customers and listening to them.
2. Accepting Change and Acting on It
With the rapid pace of change in technology, marketers should be proactive and ensure that their brand is progressing. Leading brands are not afraid to incorporate new technology into tested and reliable marketing strategies.
3. Tearing Down Boundaries
Marketers should be able to coexist and work in coordination with other departments. Encourage different teams within your company to exchange insight and share valuable information by offering incentives and opportunities. Working together collectively helps all departments succeed in their goals.

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