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Things to Look for in a Healthcare Outsourcing Service Provider

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, November 14, 2013 |

Hospital administrators and executives of insurance companies have had their plates full ever since the healthcare reform act was given the green light. Apart from the desire to give quality care to citizens, they are also fighting tooth and nail to stay competitive as the futures of economies worldwide remain bleak.  

A lot of them were found making use of the outsourcing delivery model where they tap local and offshore service providers that can handle some of the back office work for them - outsourcing medical coding, medical abstraction, and other processes.

Finding the healthcare outsourcing partner that can deliver results based on your company’s requirements is challenging. Apart from relying on the marketing and advertising strategies of these service providers, you should also look into these factors before signing a contract, as highlighted in a post at ACHP.biz.

1. Fiscal Performance
Apart from looking at the growth and earnings of a healthcare information management service provider, you should also analyze their financial structure and readiness. Will they be able to continue operations during a crisis and recover from fiscal challenges caused by the unstable market and economies?

2. Customer Relations

In other industries, the end clients focus on the products that they buy. However, in healthcare, people are more concerned about the service they get and how it is rendered to them. When a healthcare service provider is assigned a certain function, how are the challenges addressed and relayed back to the company? An ideal outsourcing partner should have the necessary tools and strategy to communicate with their clients, and their clients’ customers.

3. What are their objectives?
See to it that you are teaming up with the service provider that is willing to grow with you. Make sure that your goals are aligned throughout the outsourcing operation.

4. Appetite for innovation
Since we now live in a world that heavily uses technology, the potential healthcare management service provider should be driven to create strategies that will propel growth and improvement within your partnership, and should create a domino effect down to your customers. Moreover, they should comply with industry standards and trends.

5. Comprehensive track record
One of the sure-fire ways of knowing the credibility and standing of a potential outsourcing partner is by looking at the feedback from previous and existing customers. Most of these providers will probably list down references, but there’s a possibility that these references are scripted or are well planned to only show their good side.

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