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Things to Consider in Social Media Marketing Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Many believe that social media marketing is as easy as setting up a personal account. What they fail to see is that a profile/account for a business is very different as it would need to come from a more professional point of view.

For companies that are new to the social media scene, there are various platforms which they can use for different types of content. These are blogs which can be used for press releases and news, micro blogs for simple updates, photo blogs for products and images from events, and even social networking websites that can cover these and more.

One of the known ways social media marketing can be handled nowadays is through outsourcing. One of the challenges for this specific function is that since it’s basically 24/7, administrators should be on standby most of the time, but for some companies, this would not be possible because incurring additional costs coupled with the economic challenges that executives face will affect the company.


Social media marketing outsourcing tips

Even the outsourced social media marketing operation will face several challenges. Maciej Fita of Bostinno.com shares ways on how social media marketing should be outsourced to get the desired results.

Set a goal for the outsourcing service provider.
Businesses need to have a goal should they choose to outsource social media marketing. This may include the type of social media platform to be used up to content plans and replies to posts of users/customers.

Business owners and service providers should always be on the same page.
Service vendors should inform their clients what social media is all about and why they have to use it so that they wouldn’t have a hard time making decisions that could help get the project moving and yield great results.

Keep a record of the services rendered.
Social media management is a very active process wherein every incident, solution, and content plan should be recorded. It will serve as a log for all the services done. Documentation will also make it easier to determine which areas they should work on more as a team.

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