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Things to Consider in IT Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

More and more business processes are being outsourced nowadays - from simple and repetitive ones to more complex methods that involve analytical thinking. Outsourcing was mainly used to reduce the cost of operations. However, over the years, clients wanted more out of their outsourcing activity.  

A guest post written by Carmen Brettel, published at OnTechies.com, lists several tips for maximizing outsourcing operations:

Eradicate language challenges.

Should a company outsource locally, there would be no problem in terms of collaboration. But if they decide to outsource processes offshore, they would need to make sure that the provider has excellent English communication skills so that when the time comes to discuss the details of the project, the quality of service and outcome will not be affected.

Perform due diligence.
A good marketing material may come in handy for providers that want to lure customers. They will use flowery words and fill their ads with promises which, most of the time, work on innocent business owners who only want to find an outsourcing partner but end up with a scheming provider instead. Customers need to do their homework when selecting an outsourcing provider.

Clearly identify your goals.

An outsourced arrangement calls for stricter guidelines and a tighter business relationship. To have a smooth operation, it is advised that clients clearly identify their goals early on, as well as the division of tasks and order of command for the entire operation.

Always have full control.
More often than not, data center facilities are included in the outsourcing package and clients overlook that they should at least have majority of the ownership and control over their systems. This is crucial in cases where the provider’s system fails or there’s a need to pull out the outsourcing operation.

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