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The Benefits of having a Sourcing Advisor

by: Admin

Monday, December 6, 2010 |

What Sourcing Advisors can do for your Business

Exploring the BPO market in search for a service provider can be a long and tedious process. Your end choice has too great an impact to your operational capacity to be taken lightly. This is precisely the reason why relying on the services of a sourcing advisor can be highly advantageous. They bring you years and years of experience in negotiating with providers in the BPO industry. Alsbridge Inc. came up with a list of ways a sourcing advisor can bring you leverage:

1. Level Playing Field

Your exposure on the intricacies of the outsourcing industry is very limited. All the more, negotiating with service providers is not something you do on a regular basis and chances are, coming out of the negotiation phase successful is highly unlikely if you’re not fully equipped with information. Sourcing Advisors are heavily involved in the field of outsourcing and they are up-to-date when it comes to the latest trends. In order to really get the best deal, it would be nifty to make use of somebody else’s knowledge and expertise.

2. Improved Cost Savings

Cost savings is usually the primary motivation for outsourcing work to a third party provider. Surprisingly, you can further lower down your costs by seeking help from a sourcing advisor because he/she allows you to land the most optimal and cost-effective deal.

3. Shorter Negotiations

As you observe caution and engage in time-consuming research before signing any official agreement with a service provider, you expend time and money in this lengthy negotiation. While you can reduce costs by outsourcing IT services, you continue to finance your in-house operations and lose on opportunity cost. Sourcing advisors have an extensive knowledge on the industry and standard market prices; research has shown that sourcing professionals can speed up negotiation by up to 70%.

4. Sustainable Outsourcing Relationships

Apart from service definition and price level, there are other high-value advantages to hiring a sourcing advisor. In particular, they can help you end up with a sustainable outsourcing set-up. What happens for most outsourcing agreements is that internal circumstances change for your company after a year or two, and the agreement turns out to be irrelevant and out-of-date. Sourcing advisors ensure that there is flexibility to the agreement which can keep the arrangement updated and valuable even from a long-term perspective.

While there are a lot more reasons behind working with outsourcing advisors, all you really need to remember is that they negotiate to achieve the best terms for a living. Their unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the industry will indubitably help you through sourcing, negotiation, and on-boarding.

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