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Strategies for the Growth of IT Firms

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, December 28, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

The information technology sector presents two challenges for businesses. First, they are pressured by the growing market demand for innovative products and services. Also, there’s always the pressure in working within a specific budget, if not surpassing their projected sales.

Growth strategies used by large businesses in the IT sector

A post at ISG-One.com shares five strategies used by major businesses that were found to have helped them grow and achieve their goals:

Change should originate from the top.
In order for organizations to have a sound structure during the transformation process, it should start from the core divisions such as the top management. This way, it is at a favourable position as it is where the decision-making process takes place.

Use the best possible operating model for your business.
There are a few types of operating models in the market today. It is crucial that thought leaders and decision-makers select the one that will help drive growth across the entire business. It should be designed for the business and not a generic one that is often used as a template by some firms.

Closely monitor each activity.
As the transformation is taking place, it is advisable that the cause and effect are noted down and closely monitored. This way, executives can review each process and gauge if they are getting anywhere near the goal. It will require a considerably large investment, but it will be rewarding in the long run.

Always consider the technical and architectural aspects of the transformation.
Make sure that the IT transformation will work all throughout the organization or does not have adverse effects if integrated. This will help clearly define the path of a firm’s growth and also how it will be managed as it evolves.

Use the multi-sourcing delivery model.
Multi-sourcing is anticipated to become the premier delivery model next year. It offers a lot of benefits and is said to be user-friendly. However, it should be integrated carefully to avoid disrupting ongoing operations.

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