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Tech Solutions to Meet Expectations in Business Process Services

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, March 20, 2015 |

Tech Solutions for BPO

With all the changes that outsourcing buyers are looking for, service providers are working double time to meet clients’ expectations which include improving operational efficiencies and outsourcing’s overall impact on business outcomes. This is according to the Everest Group report “Reinventing Business Process Services (BPS) - Leveraging Technology to Deliver on New Expectations”.

The business process services (BPS) market has been divided into two broad groups based on one’s tech maturity. You have the early adopters, or the experienced organizations, and there are the first-time tech adopters. Basically, providers are designing their strategies around these two categories. However, since their strategies will evolve around other factors such as development, deployment, pricing, and other characteristics, the “DNA” of each solution will positively vary.

Moreover, new trends such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and digital technologies are also changing the way buyers make their outsourcing decisions.

Here are some of the highlights, as posted at Research.EverestGrp.com:

• BPS contracts and strategies are now rapidly focusing more on technology.
• Technology solutions have been gaining traction in the BPS space, and outlook for the coming months remains positive.
• Digital solutions have picked the interest of other buyers; in fact, solutions that anchor on digital components continue to grow.
• Technology solutions are often divided into two categories: augmentation solutions and platform-based solutions.
• More buyers are leaning towards augmenting their operations rather than opting for a platform-based operation.
• Even with the rise of analytics and data management solutions under the augmentation category, RPA solutions are showing a promising growth.
• RPA solutions are also cited as the game-changer in the BPS segment.

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