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Social Media Trends to Expect in 2014

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 |

Top Trends in Social Media 2014

As a new year approaches, so does the evolution of social media trends. No longer a backup marketing tactic, social media now plays a huge role in business growth.
Now is the time to start increasing your social media marketing efforts to keep up with the industry changes. Strengthen your online presence by thinking ahead and taking into consideration these predictions as to where social media is headed in 2014.
Dedicated Social Media Staff
Because of the sudden rise of social media as a major marketing tool, most businesses have been forced to assign social networking responsibilities to existing staff. And while some companies have someone from the marketing department taking care of updates, others have business owners themselves handling the job.
In 2014, businesses will have dedicated social media staff as they begin to see the importance of social media marketing. And with so many skilled, experienced professionals now seeking employment, it won't be difficult for businesses to find experts who specialize in the field.
Content Aggregation Sites
News aggregator sites like Digg are now gaining popularity within individuals and business professionals who want to stay informed on what the web is talking about at any given time. These sites are useful tools for businesses which are promoting products and events. Make your marketing content original and as interesting as possible to gain attention.
Exposure through Influencers
Businesses and marketers will begin to realize the advantage of guest blogging on high profile sites to gain exposure. Getting high profile influencers will be more favorable than offering free products and services because consumers nowadays rely more on what they read online.
Text is No Longer Enough
Gone are the days when people would simply use text to post a status update about what they're up to. Today, in an effort to interact with others, users' updates wouldn't be complete without photos, videos, check-ins, and more. In 2014, all kinds of businesses will make use of social networking services like Instagram and Vine for creative advertising.
Marketers are realizing that Google's new changes are tailored to suit the way consumers search for information. And in 2014, marketers will need to deliver content relevant to their customers.
Customers will always look for basic details about your business. Get rid of outdated information. Ensure that details about your business are easy to find and that the same basic information is consistent across all your social media profiles and your website.
Going Viral
All marketers know how difficult it is to come up with content so compelling and unique for users to share it with others. To stand out, businesses will create different customer engagement strategies that encourage interaction of consumers with one another and with the brand.
Google is Necessary
When it started, Google+  didn't gain much leverage. Businesses and internet users saw it as just another platform in a marketplace dominated by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.
Despite the struggle, Google seems determined to get more users to notice its social media platform by requiring a Google+  membership for marketers who want to get the search engine results they desire. Therefore, 2014 will most likely be the year that Google+  attracts more users into its circles and more content in its feeds.
Measurement and Analysis
Click-throughs, conversions, etc. are things that businesses will start tracking and focus on in 2014. Information gained from analytics will help in planning social media campaigns.
In addition to tracking consumer behavior, businesses will be setting aside part of the marketing budget for reporting. Mobile will play a large part in marketing analysis in terms of checking which marketing efforts work and which should be discontinued.
As social media continues its influence and growth, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to seek out and catch the attention of potential and existing customers. And as 2014 begins, businesses are informed enough to understand how important social media is to their success that creating social campaigns to engage customers and drive revenue growth will be the focus of their marketing efforts.

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