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3 Major Social Media Mistakes and How to Correct Them

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Monday, December 22, 2014 |

Social Media Tune Up

Social media, albeit not rocket science, is difficult to master, especially when used for business purposes. It is, therefore, normal for businesses to commit social media blunders occasionally. Fortunately, these mistakes can be turned into opportunities - learning from them and at the same time teaching others how to avoid the same ones.

Entrepreneur passes on some social media wisdom on the most common social media mistakes and how to correct them.

1. Focusing too much on yourself
Be liberal in sharing profound content, but make sure your material is relevant to your audience and educates and informs them. When it comes to engagement, keep it proportionate to the amount of followers you have per social network. That means retweeting and sharing at a rate that is balanced with the size of your following on Twitter - and when most of your audience is online, so as not to barrage the stream. If you have more audiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+, then continue your conversations on those platforms.

If you think that other people’s work would be helpful to your followers, don’t be afraid to share it. Retweet them a few times or post a few comments on their posts as a way of saying hi. On a side note, avoid sending e-mails and direct messages about your campaign or asking for favors before you have properly introduced yourself. Get to know each other first, then consider whether what you’re about to ask might be burdensome and whether you know each other well enough already to expect favors. Before proposing something to collaborate on, make sure that it benefits both parties.

2. Focusing on numbers and popularity rather than relationships
Before focusing on sales and the number of followers you have, work on building real and lasting relationships first. The ROI will come once you have a solid foundation of relationships in place. Be humble, kind, and genuinely helpful. The key here is to treat people as friends - nurture virtual relationships as you would real-life relationships.

3. Using too many hashtags that are not relevant to your brand
It’s important to be considerate and sensible in hashtag usage. Prior to an event you will be working at (one that will benefit your fans and is aligned with what you are going to endorse), be selective and judicious and avoid oversharing. Just choose one or two hashtags exclusive to the occasion. And before you chat at events, don’t forget to contribute and give mutual respect and honest appreciation to get others’ attention. Show genuine interest in people, instead of what people can do for you.

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