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3 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2015

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Friday, March 13, 2015 |

Not too long ago, social media marketing had been caught on quickly by businesses. The tool provided an easier and more convenient way for both consumers and sellers to communicate - as it still does today, with 97% of small business owners and marketers using social media to engage with potential and existing customers online. The focus, however, has had a slight shift from simply getting one’s message out there to employing strategies that would improve customer experience on social media platforms as well as on their websites.

Google is now using data from social networks in their algorithms for page ranking. This means that this year, small businesses will busy themselves strengthening their sales and marketing techniques across social media platforms. This is just as well, as the numbers haven’t changed: 80% of internet users still use Facebook to search for and connect with brands, and 34% of online sellers generate leads using Twitter, while 52% of adult users have two or more social media accounts. And your business having a Google+ account helps increase your ranking with Google.

To maintain your competitive advantage (or bounce back if the previous year wasn't good for your small business in terms of online marketing), take note of these social media marketing trends listed at Social News Daily:

Social image and video will draw in more customers and enhance engagement.
There’s no contest. It’s been proven by several studies that visual content on social media attracts more readers and increases purchase potential. If the uploaded Super Bowl 2015 videos alone garnered more than one billion views on February 3 and many of them through social media sites, it’s no different for products and brands. Social video has the power to hold that problematic user trait known as short attention span and increase the chances for purchase.

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are now offering video advertising, and small and medium businesses must optimize their social media marketing strategies and include them. This can be done by making use of eye-catching infographics and videos followed up with a post ad and a CTA (call to action).

E-commerce via social media will increase exponentially.
Online shopping will be faster and easier. When it comes to social commerce, Facebook and Twitter are leading the pack, having recently added the “Buy” CTA buttons. This feature allows consumers to purchase merchandise through their Facebook or Twitter accounts without having to go to another website. Payment is done within the social media site and credit or debit card information is secured.

Social, local, and mobile will take center stage in social media marketing.
Engagement with users, location-based ads, and mobile technology are all combined as another trend that will dominate online marketing in 2015. Mobile web design, location-based features like Facebook’s local awareness ads and Twitter’s zip code targeting will increase customer involvement with your business. You might also want to look into a feature on Foursquare and Yelp that allows marketers to send push notifications to users who come within a certain geographic area.

Use data analytics to guide your paid search, paid social and targeting techniques for the most ROIs at the lowest cost.

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