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Social Media Marketing Dos and Doníts during the Holidays

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, November 26, 2015 |

Holiday-proof your Business' Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every year, content marketers dedicate ample time to prepare for the holiday season. The busiest time of the year holds excitement as well as opportunities businesses shouldn’t miss. B2C covers the dos and don’ts of incorporating holiday campaigns into your social media marketing strategy.

Do choose a holiday theme.
Be consistent and create a story and unique framing for your brand that you can use throughout the season. Your holiday theme should carry out in both your messages and designs.

Don’t misuse the holidays to sell more.
Holidays involve some kind of cultural or religious significance for most people, so remember to use holiday wording, metaphors, and imagery for your business marketing with care. Give extra thought to your target audience’s profile and how they might respond to the content of your holiday-related campaigns.

Do adjust your posting calendar.
Business social media engagement is pretty low during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s, so adjust the schedule of your posts accordingly. You don’t want to annoy your followers with unwanted messages mixed in with updates from their family and friends.

Don’t ignore your current customers.
The Black Friday/Cyber Monday/countdown to New Year’s retail season may be tempting to focus your promotions on attracting new customers, but you should also use the holidays to thank your existing customers for their loyalty and offer rewards. You can also feature customer stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, share customer-only previews and promotions across all channels, and use Facebook to send invites to customer-only events.

Do run a contest or giveaway.
Take part in the outpouring of generosity during the holidays by running a social media contest or giveaway for your loyal followers. Select something that’s juicy enough to be shareable, but not so generic that you attract new followers who will never become customers.

Don’t go overboard with company celebration photos.
When it comes to sharing your company celebrations on social media, it pays to be judicious. A photo or two at the start of your holiday party is fine, but don’t go and live Instagram the entire evening.

You’ll want to refrain from posting any celebration photos if your company has had any reputation or performance issues in the past year, to avoid hateful comments.

Do feature follower holiday posts.
It’s good to share your followers’ posts from time to time - it shows that you look at and appreciate their life stories. And if they post photos featuring your products or services, even better!

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