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Social Listening: The Top Marketing Technique in 2014

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, April 10, 2014 |

Things have definitely changed for social media - from being ignored by top marketers to now being the main channel for communicating with customers.

As customers now expect to connect and converse with brands whenever they want, it is the latterís responsibility to listen and respond in real time.

Here are three tips to help marketers take full advantage of their social media channels for listening.

1. Keep your ear to the ground.
Social listening helps marketers engage with customers by watching various social media networks for mentions of their brand. With social media, there is a unique opportunity for brands to connect with customers one-on-one. Utilize social listening by joining conversations relating to your brand and your industry.

2. Engage and respond in real time.
Real-time analytics makes it easy for brands to listen to their customers and respond to them in real time. According to a recent survey, 49% of Twitter users were likely to recommend a brand via social media if that brand engaged with them in a timely manner.

3. Automate listening to identify influencers.
Marketing automation helps organize social media management so that you can be a more effective listener. Use an automation tool to identify your brandís major influencers - from journalists and bloggers to celebrities - and then engage those influencers. Building a mutually beneficial relationship with your influencers strengthens the brand.

The top marketing technique this year revolves around being a better listener. In an age of personalization and real-time marketing, itís time to grab the opportunity to connect with your customers in a truly personal way. That is golden marketing you just canít buy.


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