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Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Cloud Computing

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Cloud Computing Tips

Cloud computing is still a relatively new medium for companies that have recently dabbled in the high-tech process. It is seen as something that can help a business grow, but not without a few challenges such as security issues and privacy.

Eric Chabrow of GovInfoSecurity.com shares six principles from ISACA’s publication “Guiding Principles for Cloud Computing Adoption and Use”. It highlights how proper IT governance can be executed and what factors affect a cloud computing operation. This is especially helpful for companies that are just starting to include cloud computing to their business strategies, and avoid drastic damages to the business by letting operational managers make IT decisions instead of IT experts.

1. It’s not just an add-on. Cloud computing is not just for a particular segment of a business or a mere attachment to an operation. It can reinforce strategies and connect internal departments.

2. Rate the rewards of the process. Since cloud computing is an ongoing and constantly evolving process, there is a need to have proper long-term estimations. Also, keep in mind that not all platforms are the same so costs will definitely vary.  

3. Look at the big picture. Instead of micro-managing by focusing on each department, it would be better to look at the entire company and how cloud computing can help each business unit.

4. Look into the offerings. Match what the company has internally with that of the cloud vendors’ roster of services to maximize the cloud computing operation’s potential.

5. Be clear with responsibilities. The least that you’d want in an operation is to have the providers and internal management pointing fingers when problems arise, so before the start of the operation, clearly state the responsibilities of each party.

6. Build a strong partnership.
Cloud solution relies on a strong partnership, since it covers sensitive data. Establish a good relationship to ensure that the goals are met.

According to Ramsés Gallego, Security Strategist at Quest Software who is also involved in ISACA’s Guidance and Practices Committee, cloud computing has enabled small to medium organizations to operate alongside large, multinational companies. Also, since the platform is widely available, more and more enterprises can experience the benefits the cloud has to offer.

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