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Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing Processes?

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, May 18, 2015 |

Healthcare and medical facilities are in some ways similar when it comes to how they function, but their main difference is the scale of their operation and the type of medical service they carry out.

For instance, running a doctor’s practice is much like running a small business. The owner in this case is the doctor who has to wear several for things to run smoothly. His/Her attention is divided into several functions even if there are additional administrative staff to assist on the tasks which can take considerable amount of time.

Like most business owners, doctors who operate their own medical facility would need to balance everything while providing the best possible care to patients. But, they also need to balance their books properly to pay for their resources.

Healthcareglobal.com pointed out that healthcare facilities need to manage their revenue properly and medical services are being coded correctly and in a timely manner to avoid a pile-up and financial woes.

When to consider outsourcing medical billing and coding processes

As you go on with your day-to-day operations, it might be helpful to check these telltale signs that you should strongly consider outsourcing medical billing and coding processes:

In-house staff is beating around the bush.
When you notice that your in-house staff is unable to answer questions such as to why bills and invoices are not sent out, maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy or you could end up with a bottleneck in your cash flow. Every account that is not processed or coded properly and is marked as “pending payment” is intangible money.

Operations are expanding.
As your operation grows, you will need more people to integrate each administrative task properly so the business not disrupted. This might be a good time to outsource medical billing process so that you are guaranteed that no fund or receipt is left unturned. Like they always say, you have to impress your customers for you to grow, so you need to have a seamless operation will expanding.
Mitigate mistakes properly.
Mistakes are one more thing to worry about. It could cost you more money. It could also hamper your operations and derail you from your core purpose which is to help those who need medical attention. Making a smart decision of delegating processes to third party service providers might just be the solution to help you and your patients in establishing a smooth transaction.

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