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Results-driven Techniques for Content Marketing in 2014

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 |

This year, we see more and more brands investing time on developing great content. By great we mean quality content that is not only interesting but engaging as well. And with big brands going all out with content marketing, standing out from the competition has never been more challenging.

Content marketing tips for brand visibility

Here are techniques to help boost your brand visibility.

Magnetic, BuzzFeed-Style Headlines
You would have to be kidding if you said you haven’t heard of BuzzFeed or seen it in your Facebook stream. Because articles from the social news and entertaining website are shared by millions of users every day on the world’s most popular social network, it would be nearly impossible for you not to have chanced upon an article and clicked over to the site.

Traffic generated to BuzzFeed and other similar sites reaches over millions of unique visitors in a single month alone. The secret doesn’t lie in the shares - it’s the enticing headlines that make every user want to click through and eventually share those on their wall.

BuzzFeed offers these takeaway lessons about headline development:

  • Curiosity = Clicks. To get clicks today, marketers and copywriters bank on the curiosity factor. Headlines that pique people’s curiosity get clicked like crazy.
  • People read the entire headline, so make it great. According to Copyblogger, 80% of browsers will read headline copy, but only 20% will click and read the rest of the page, down to your call to action. Surprisingly, unconventionally long headlines capture the attention of a larger percentage of people. Since your audience tends to read the entire headline, it’s better to put more content in it as "click triggers".
  • Don’t be afraid to write first person headlines. It serves as a good and convincing testimonial and therefore generates high readership.

Paid Content Amplification
The thing about "great content" is that sometimes, it is not enough. Even the most interesting articles need a little push to rise above the hubbub. This is where paid content amplification comes in. There are channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook that offer paid advertising services like promoted posts and targeted ads.

Write Only In-Depth, 1,500+ -Word Blog Posts
Metrics from Moz show the possible correlation between content length and links a post gains. Neil Patel found that 1,500-word posts generate more Facebook likes than shorter ones.

Longer posts do so well for the following reasons:

  • Long content has a higher perceived value. Someone who sees a long post automatically thinks that a lot of work was put into writing it and that they need to share it. Posts with 300 words don’t have the same effect.
  • You can create the definitive guide on a topic. Having the definitive guide to something on your blog speeds link development.
  • More engagement and time on site. When someone has just read 1,500 words of pure gold, it sets them in a very appreciative mood and encourages them to share what they have just read.

Longer posts may require more work, but the ROI of one long post compared to a handful of short articles is definitely more rewarding. Peep Laja grew his blog from zero to 50,000 in one month and had this to say: "If I could offer you only one tip for the future, writing long, thorough blog posts would be it."

Design is More Important than Content
People are going to evaluate your content based on two factors: content length and design. The perceived value of well-designed content blows the average blog post out of the water.

Use Outreach to Get Results
The first four strategies may only get you part of the way towards your objective. Promoting your content via outreach - emailing people a personalized, non-pushy message about it - will help squeeze the most value out of your content.


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