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Processes that can be Outsourced by Entrepreneurs

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, September 3, 2015 |

Business owners and operations executives are usually focused on the core processes. Some of them try to delegate certain tasks to either outsourcing providers or even freelance contractors. As technology continues to progress, sourcing hard-to-find talent and specialists for specific tasks is now easier and more convenient for business owners, and according to Entrepreneur.com, these are some of the tasks that entrepreneurs are better off outsourcing:

Business process outsourcing for entrepreneurs

1.Finance and Accounting
Taxes are one of the things humans cannot avoid. Running a business is stressful enough and doing your own taxes just adds to the pressure of surviving the harsh competitive environment. By hiring a reliable accountant or finance liaison, you can have someone to work on your books and help you with complicated finance and accounting issues. For instance, a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) will help you by pointing out parts of your business that are not practical or economical, and are not generating value to the company.

2.Content Creation
A large population of consumers today are seen glued to their gadgets and mobile devices, and with that is their consistent interaction with online content. Whether it’s for research, entertainment, or real-time updates, content is one of the most important factors in a person’s daily routine. Freelance writers are everywhere, but finding the cream of the crop that will help your business grow and influence consumers will push you to do more than just Google a name or find a profile in LinkedIn.

3.Web Development and Graphic Design
Graphic designers help companies become more recognizable and attractive to consumers. Web developers create platforms that make it easier for consumers to understand and navigate the ins and outs of a brand. It is up to the business owner how he/she will fuse the two to achieve the ultimate landing page and digital platform for the company.

4.Administrative Work
Believe it or not, administrative/secretarial work can now be done remotely. Virtual assistants are now available and they are known to organize overflowing inboxes and are often assigned to answer calls and book meetings for high-profile executives.

5.Web Research
Learning the latest trends in your industry can also pile on to your busy schedule. By having a dedicated web researcher, you will have all the latest in your industry locally and internationally. He/She can create benchmarks from data collected online, and present it to you in the most convenient way possible.

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