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PR: Do it In-house or Hire a PR Agency?

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Should Public Relations work be Outsourced?

There are several ways businesses can improve branding, and one of them is keeping marketing strategies updated. Having a good public relations (PR) approach and using different types of media can help businesses improve their presence among consumers. Traditional ones such as print, radio, and television are still effective and are widely used by advertisers, but as technology and data gradually become more mobile, majority of consumers can now be found online - which is another medium to consider. 

PR covers different aspects and is a time-consuming process. Many companies have their own PR departments in-house, but for some businesses especially start-ups, they may not have enough manpower and resources to develop an effective PR strategy. They may hire a PR agency or even consider outsourcing

An article posted at Guardian.co.uk shows the benefits and drawbacks of doing PR processes in-house and hiring a PR agency. 

If you decide on creating an in-house team, you should be equipped with the right information by performing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Your strategy should be well-thought of and be cascaded to all members of the production team. This will help you have a unified goal and reach the target market using the appropriate media. There are also several ways business executives can learn the trends in the PR & marketing arena. They can take media training courses that cover writing and media processing to achieve marketing goals.

However, setting up a PR team is time-consuming. Even its basic processes will have a long turnaround time.

If you choose to hire an agency, it will definitely cost more but will enable you to focus on more important things like the development of the product that will be launched, or supply chain issues in certain regions of the country. PR agencies have the skills needed to formulate the right plan according to the requirements of the company and/or products/services. Present your objectives to PR agencies and ensure that they understand it fully. It would also help if you give them a unique selling point or how you want to be seen by consumers. For small projects, hiring a PR agency is a good idea as it will help reduce overhead costs.


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