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Outsourcing Software Development: What You Need to Know

by: Mary Christine Galang

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 |

The rapid-paced innovation in technology in the past few years has been continuously driving the economy towards globalization. This inevitably caused many advantages that helped many businesses around the world thrive, but at the same time, also made the competition challenging in many ways.

Software development converges technology and ideas and turns them into a strategic tool to enhance efficiency and delivery of your products and services.

In the Philippines, it is one of the most fast-developing subsectors in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, with an annual growth rate of 40%. MicroSourcing, one of the leading BPO companies in the country, employs top C++, .NET, and Java programmers. These are the most vital specialties in the field, who are not only experts in writing codes to make the most convenient, most useful applications and software to be able to compete in the digital arena, but also adhere to quality standards and data privacy and security for users.

Software development outsourcing tips

If you are thinking of outsourcing your software development, here are a few things you should carefully consider:

Commit only to a reliable, highly experienced outsourcing company that conducts top-quality QA and testing. Given that programming and software development are technical fields and acquired skills, the conceptualization and "writing" process are not just the vital parts of both. Choose a third-party provider who not only has vast experience in creating and developing apps and software but one that also acts as a partner who continuously brings innovative ideas and applies critical skills to the table.

Collaborate with your partner company throughout the process. Just because you are outsourcing, doesn’t mean you have to be less involved. Working closely with specialists enables you to specify what you want and have them create it. At the same time, they provide you with input to further improve the software. Having a partner offers you a different, but complementing, perspective. During the process, you’ll also find out how your outsourcing partner deals with pressure and various demands of creating highly functional, user-friendly software that provides a great experience that you yourself will enjoy.

Learn more about what our experienced software developers can do for you and your business. Contact us today.

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