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Outsourcing Lead Generation for Software Companies

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, July 5, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Each business has a specific niche and not all are fully capable to generate leads on their own. They hire third party service providers to handle lead generation processes so they are able to tap new markets and reinforce their client pipeline.  

However, some are still skeptical - thinking that these lead generation companies prioritize their goals instead of the clients’, which is why some do not consider outsourcing as a feasible strategy. But businesses that ignore the benefits outright miss out on several opportunities such as being able to focus on core processes and saving on labor and operational costs.   

A post at Business2Community.com shares ways software companies can properly outsource lead generation services.

They should be able to differentiate your goals and theirs.  Apart from getting prospects of their own, lead generation companies should deliver services effectively for their clients as well. Marketing is their specialty, and they should be able to grasp the concept of your software products and services, and your business as a whole so they can represent you properly.

Look for providers that have been in the business for a long time. Being in business for a long time doesn’t only show you their track record, it could also mean they’ve accumulated more targets that are larger than anyone could have imagined. While most software companies have limited connections and markets, major lead generation companies have a larger market consisting of businesses from different industries.

Make sure they don’t mix your operations with theirs.
You can tell that a lead generation services provider is strictly business if they do not mix their work with yours, meaning they have a different set of professionals working for you. This avoids employee mismanagement and confusion in billing your software company because they can properly calculate the resources used for your campaign.

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