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Outsourcing: Enabling Healthcare Orgs to Do More

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 |

Improving Healthcare Efficiency with Outsourcing

Highlights of a study called "Enabling Healthcare Providers to Focus on Outcomes", done by Allscripts, were recently posted at HealthITOutcomes.com. The white paper stated that outsourcing, particularly of IT processes, is integrated by healthcare providers so they can delegate human and capital resources more efficiently.     

The IT divisions of healthcare providers face several challenges everyday. They are expected to address the high demands of the industry where they are predisposed to manage with the available resources, which are often limited. Of course, they would also have to work with a tight budget to achieve their strategic goals.

Technology Business Research, Inc. found that 20 percent of US healthcare providers have partnered with IT services vendors for their end-to-end IT service operations. On the other hand, 80 percent outsource only some parts of their IT needs.

Healthcare providers have a lot on their plate because not only are they anticipated to focus on and deliver healthcare services that result in improved outcomes for patients, they also have to strive to comply with the industry changes particularly with the risk-based payment models such as EHRs, HIEs, and ICD-10. Providers are also confronted with IT talent shortage.

The fast-paced shifts in healthcare IT can be seen in the hardware and software innovations that are constantly being introduced in the market. Though there are complexities such as privacy and data governance that come along with these technological advancements, these widely contribute to the providers’ operations to meet their goals. Providers should also be up-to-date with the changes in the regulations.

Managed IT services are proven to help healthcare providers to meet these challenges while staying focused on their core objective. IT service vendors are known to ensure that IT-related talent and capital investments are utilized properly. They also need to streamline processes and most importantly, help healthcare organizations focus on the welfare of patients.  

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