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Outsourcing Crucial to Shortage in Information Security Talent

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, June 26, 2015 |

According to a report conducted by Frost & Sullivan and recently discussed at Channelnomics.com, firms face two critical information security challenges. First, there’s the rapidly evolving IT landscape that companies have to keep up with. Then there’s the shortage in information security experts.

The current shortage in security staff and the rising cases of security threats have become a challenge for numerous companies all over the world. Some of the solutions they are considering are increasing investment in security technology, recruiting and training internal personnel, and outsourcing information security functions to experts.

Thirty percent of survey respondents said for the first 12 months, they plan to add more funds for management of outsourced security services to size up security teams. The report revealed that 49 percent of participants said they lack skilled professionals internally; 30 percent said they need additional pairs of hands to work on projects; and 26 percent stated that they are facing recruiting limitations.

Business process outsourcing a more cost-efficient option for information security operations

Moreover, the survey highlighted that the cost of information security operations is rising as well, which is why 30 percent noted that outsourcing is a more cost-efficient option. In addition to that, 23 percent said outsourcing helps alleviate the burden of time-consuming tasks, while 18 percent cited that they are having a hard time retaining staff.

Information security should be taken seriously at all times, and before you even ink a deal with a provider, you have to perform an all-out background investigation to ensure that your company and brand will be in good hands.

In terms of what clients are looking for in a security service provider, 55 percent stated that they are looking at the pricing, while 50 percent said the provider needs to prove its capabilities through a service-level agreement. Almost half (49 percent) revealed that they are looking at the company’s capacity, quality of service and size; 33 percent consider tenure as a focal point; 30 percent stated that they want a provider that has a wide scope of services; and 22 percent said they are after the brand name.

The survey respondents also stated their top outsourced functions: 40 percent said they are looking to outsource threat intelligence, research, detection, forensics, and remediation; 37 percent said firewall and security breach prevention systems or asset management and monitoring; while 28 percent are looking for risk and compliance management services.

If providers want to win big in the market, they need to prove that they are capable of providing the needs of their potential clients.

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