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Outsourcing Checklist

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

In an article published at OfficingToday.com, author Jo Disney talked about the means by which outsourcing can help curb expenses but still maintaining a brand’s reputation in the market. It is important, though, that a business choose its outsourcing service provider wisely to have a successful operation.

A number of outsourcing tasks can indeed pave the way for more time especially in developing the business brand, prove to be more cost-effective, and develop niche talent.  However, it can also put upon setbacks such as poor output quality, little to no understanding of the business, and skillset/qualifications not completely aligned with the requirements.

Outsourcing checklist for businesses

One thing to note about the outsourcing market is it is rather vast, and encompasses a wide range of markets which is why a company should make sure to think things through carefully and meticulously before taking this path. Hiring the right outsourcing company can reap healthy rewards to boost the company, or otherwise.  Either way, it will always leave a long and lasting impact on a brand, which is why it is vital that a thorough review and fastidious attention be given when laid on the table.

Find a provider which is a step ahead of you.
Providers that take time to know more about their clients tend to overachieve and fulfil their promises of delivering on time and accurately. These providers are also likely up-to-date in terms of the trends in the market and technology.

Walk the talk.
Providers should be able to live up to their advertisements. For instance, if you are looking to outsource graphic design work, then the website or design materials of your chosen provider should be well crafted or should meet your standards.

Proper symmetry of outsourced and insourced teams.
Your outsourced team should be able to adjust and work well with your in-house team. This way, conflicts will be avoided and issues will be kept at bay. Work should be integrated properly and not outdo each side.

Be wary of dodgy providers.
If you prioritize the price and budget of each of your campaign, you will likely end up with a provider that prioritizes making money off of you than growing with your business. Outsourcing is a great way to save but it only helps a company save if the solution is effective and complements other divisions of your company.

Perform due diligence.
All in all, it is still up to the client on which provider he/she will choose. It is better to do the hard work before the operation starts rather than solving problems caused by an unsuccessful outsourcing partnership.

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