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Most Commonly Outsourced Processes

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, August 29, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Outsourced Processes

Most small, start-up, and mid-sized businesses are seen outsourcing to freelancers and third party service providers. A post at Entrepreneur.com explains the recent data released by Freelancer.com, a popular online portal for entities that tackles crowdsourcing, freelancing, and outsourcing.

In the website’s survey where over 300,000 jobs were posted, it was found that during the months of April, May, and June, the fastest growing outsourced jobs were mostly related to back office processes such as accounting which increased by 23 percent, report writing up by 20 percent, and creation of PowerPoint presentations which grew by 35 percent.
Peripheral services or processes that had minimal impact to the business were said to have decreased in the second quarter. Some of the processes that lost traction in the second quarter of this year were PDF conversion (38 percent), copywriting (14 percent), ghostwriting (12 percent).
For major processes, large organizations are also outsourcing complex processes to freelancers and service providers, and the market for some processes is shifting as demand is changing. The highly considered processes are:

3D printing
More and more business are using 3D printing to keep up with the trends in the market. In fact, businesses are looking for 3D renderers, making the job market jump by 17 percent during Q2 of this year. Other jobs that experienced an increase in demand are 3D modeling which grew by 13 percent and 3D animation which also grew by 13 percent.
Graphic and Web Design
Materials that need designs or should be interpreted in a different visual manner are often sent to expensive agencies. But businesses that want to cut costs were seen sending work to freelance designers and design service providers. Relatively, freelance illustration and Photoshop design jobs jumped by 20 percent in the second quarter, as well as logo design which increased by 9 percent during the same period. Crowdsourcing is also becoming popular within the design segment, where clients shop around for freelancers within communities or online groups.

Android App Creation
The demand for android app development trumps the demand for iPhone app creation - the former increased by 15 percent in the second quarter. The demand for iPhone developers grew by 10 percent, but iPad developers dropped by 3 percent during the same period.

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