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More Ways to Apply Social Media to Your Marketing Efforts

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, February 27, 2014 |

Boosting Marketing Efforts with Social Media

There are two types of social media accounts: personal and professional. This means that it is not uncommon to see companies broadcasting their products and services across social networking sites while engaging with their customers and followers.
From a personal angle, social media is a source of entertainment and distraction. From a professional point of view, however, social media is a place for establishing one’s brand by publishing information and having conversations with real people.
For business owners, social media branding is worth the time to gain fans and followers, and turn relevant engagements into conversions.
There are a lot of tips on how to establish your brand on social media, so here is a refreshing list of other ways in which your business can apply social media to your marketing efforts.
1. Use social media to raise funds.
Social media can be used to raise awareness and build hype about a crowd funding campaign which you can create through funding platforms like Kickstarter. Not only can you raise funds through these platforms, you can also come up with creative ways to present your products or services.
If you have a strong social media presence, it will be easier for you to launch a successful fundraising campaign because people will associate the name of your company to success and accomplishment.
2. Cite influencers in your industry.
Know the types of content your audience likes to boost your social sharing statistics and website traffic from social media. By publishing content that references big names from your industry, you are giving a positive impression towards your brand from your fans and followers.
Look up who the most influential companies of your industry are and simply retweet their tweets, or share their posts. As Groner said, "pair yourself up with the people who drive thought leadership in your field and beyond."
3. Offer a strong call to action in your social media posts.
When selling a product or service, you have to be directly straightforward with your target audience. Construct persuasive offers with a strong call to action at the end that will entice the user to click over to your company’s landing page.
Make sure to let your fans and followers feel that clicking through the link is useful to them. Otherwise, they’ll just be less interested in your offer.
4. Use social media for word of mouth advertising.
Social media is the easiest and most economical marketing platform to get referrals from your fans and followers. By setting the right tone and training your existing social audience, you can eventually show trust and encourage them to spread the message for you. Turn your fans and followers into brand advocates by offering discounts and prizes to those who will recommend your brand to their friends and share their experiences with your products or services.
Word of mouth is a great investment because a single person can influence a couple of people to become your followers as well. It is the best brand-building activity because the stories come from sources that people trust.

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