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Marketing Factors that are Often Overlooked by CEOs

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, September 15, 2014 |

Nowadays, a lot of business owners and CEOs look at marketing as something prescribed and standardized. The only time they even think of marketing is when the launch of their product or service is already near, or when the competitors are already a step ahead of them.

These entrepreneurs admit that they are not familiar with the tools and processes that are accessible - and sometimes even free - that they delegate the work to PR agencies and marketing firms for a hefty fee. They are also aware that the purchasing behavior of consumers had changed, which is also why they opt for external help instead of doing the research on their own. Having third party service providers is actually not a bad thing. The only issue is since they are working from the outside, they tend to miss out on the little details that make a huge impact when it comes to branding.

A post at Entrepreneur.com shares three common marketing misconceptions that often lead to the demise of a campaign:

Social media is not for the corporate world.
A lot of business owners still have doubts in social media as a business tool. They think it’s just a platform for staying connected with friends and reading the latest trends in pop culture. With this myth in mind, they fail to maximize the opportunities social media has for their brand.  

A study conducted on 3,000 marketers revealed that social media efforts are responsible for 14 percent of their targeted leads. In addition to that, 75 percent of the respondents said they saw a spike in referral visits from social media websites.  

Having a sound social media campaign helps a business gain more exposure in a broader market. It also helps in showing customers that they are forward thinking and innovative through the insightful content that they share.

Everything will be okay as long as you are running paid online ads.
Pay-per-click advertising is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about online ads. It is a tried-and-tested method, but more costly compared to other online advertising approaches. In addition to that, pay-per click ads need to be monitored regularly since a minor mistake in budget, ad schedule, and keywords can lead to expensive campaigns.

Pay-per-click ads are also known as short-term solutions since once you stop funneling funds to the campaign, the ads stop running and you are left with nothing, unlike search engine optimization in which the effects are long-term and it helps businesses gain leverage over time.

Blogging or creating new content is not the CEO’s job.
What better way to delight the customers (and sometimes investors) than a story from the top executives of the company? Some of the top business leaders around the world have been found reaching out to customers through creative approaches such as viral videos, interesting facts through blogs, among others.

The ones that are thriving in marketing today know that well-crafted and interesting content trumps all types of marketing hype. So instead of prefabricated articles, why not publish a real and genuine write-up that speaks directly to the consumers? If you were an executive, wouldn’t you want to delight and inspire your audience wherein they will actually click the contact us button or make a purchase?

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