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Latest Trends in Search Engine Optimization

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, August 23, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

SEO Trends

In an article published at HuffingtonPost.com, author Don Dodds discussed the merits (and then some) of the tactics usually employed in search engine optimization or SEO.  Since it is constantly evolving, the methods usually used in SEO can pose as a problem to internet marketers.  A lot of ways can be employed to direct traffic to a website, but it is important to note which ones are worthwhile, and those which are not.  Some methods can take too much time and effort with little to no return of investment.  Internet marketers should also be able to determine which strategies are hoaxes, as these can cripple their campaign in the long run. Newbies in the world of SEO can get confused over the methods which still work, those which can be considered obsolete, and those which can bring about a negative result.

Below are some of the points Dodds mentioned which should be reviewed in carrying out search engine optimization methods.

Targeted keywords
One of the vital factors of on-page optimization is keyword usage. This is also the most abused.  Up until recently, the basic SEO strategy was to zero in on specific keywords based on the number of search queries received monthly. However, things have changed, and the better way to go about it is to diversify keywords, and target a broader range of them.  Use long-tail keywords since these target the exact sort of traffic, and there is less competition.

How to properly use the keywords
People used to talk about the correct way of positioning and distributing keywords throughout your content. It was called keyword density and some marketing people swore by it but as time passed and search engines became more sophisticated, repetition and distribution of the keywords are not that important.

Design for humans, not for the bots.
Website developers and designers used to be fixated on making the website more accessible to search engine crawlers. However, this sacrificed the overall usability and experience for humans and began putting users off. What matters now is the way users are able to use the website, whether to get or share information.

Content pulls in most of the weight.

Content is the thing that fuels the search engine results, but it has to be original and of high quality. Content is indeed king, and you need a regular supply of informative content that will encourage visitors to share it with other people.

Content is now more diverse.
Gone are the days when content was only made up of text. Videos, music, and pictures are now being used by content publishers, as well as users themselves. People are more visually driven with the continuous rise of photo and video sharing sites.

SEO outsourcing
SEO involves numerous processes which include on-page and off-page optimization. Outsourcing is one of the solutions that can help businesses handle multiple campaigns while minimizing expenses.

Relying on anchor texts
Anchor texts are words or phrases that have corresponding hyperlinks. These are used to identify what the website that anchor texts are pointing to is about.  Dodgy SEO practitioners are often seen using anchor texts to drop links on every type of content possible, but as search engines became stricter in indexing websites, those that have thin content are prone to being reprimanded and are flagged as irrelevant sites.

Building links
The idea was the more links there are pointing to your site, the more relevant your site is to the users. But links are analyzed differently nowadays. Search engines look at how your website behaves online through social influence and interaction with users.

Content farming and submission

As link building becomes harder to do, bad SEO practitioners looked for ways to seed more links and they thought of content submission. Basically, it involves copying another website’s content, publishing it as your own, and including a link somewhere within the content. A good way to do this is to create unique content that will go viral without using hard-sell processes.     

Social signals
Making genuine connections in social media websites is a great way to improve branding of a website. If you automatically generate comments and links, it will again be marked as spam not only by search engine bots but by administrators as well.

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