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Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views in 4 Ways

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 |

LinkedIn is best known for its database of professionals. It’s a resource for recruitment and the main social media platform for B2B leads. If you’ve already set up your LinkedIn profile, you should know that it’s not enough. No matter what your reason is for being on LinkedIn, you need to put yourself out there to get more views. More views mean more potential job opportunities, connections, and visibility in your industry.

Take action and do it quickly. Here are four ways to increase your LinkedIn profile views:

1. Find the right group.
You’re a step ahead if you’re already a member of several groups relevant to your industry, profession, or interests. If not, it’s time to fix that. Groups range from broad to ultra-specific, and each has its merits, but don’t limit yourself to one size. If you’re just starting out, join one small group (less than 100 members), one medium group (less than 1,000 members), and one large group (anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 members). This strategy lets you be a big fish in a small pond, a medium fish in a medium pond, and a small fish in a big pond.

Make sure all the groups you join are active. Pick a different one if there hasn’t been any discussion in the group within last week.

2. Get the lay of the land.
Read through everything posted on the group page in the last week (or month, if it’s a less-active group) first before posting a discussion, because someone might have already posted the same thing. Also, note the average conversational style (is it casual, formal, or somewhere in between?), the most successful posts (open-ended questions? discussions about industry news? requests for advice?), and the types of responses (long or short and snappy?).

This process might seem time-consuming, but it can help you generate ideas for your own posts and comments. You’ll also learn valuable information about your field.

3. Join a discussion.
You’ll want to contribute to a couple of threads first before starting a new one. In relation to dinner parties, don’t be the obnoxious guest who shows up late and then tries to dominate the conversation.

Feel free to revive inactive discussions whose topics you know and where members missed something important you’d love to point out. When commenting, be polite at all times - even when you disagree with people. You can promote your product, your company, or yourself, but only if it feels natural. Keep in mind that relevance is key.

4. Start your own discussion.
Post discussions that would invite people to share their expertise and broad enough that anyone can contribute. Try to think of an open-ended question pertaining to your field. You can also share articles or sites that the group would find interesting, and end it with questions to increase the responses you get. You can share your LinkedIn discussions on social media, so if you want to start a healthy conversation, post the link on Twitter and Facebook.


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