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How to Incorporate Photography into Your Social PR Strategy

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Monday, March 31, 2014 |

Recent news has us updated on Instagram’s announcement that they now have 200 million users, with a total of 20 billion photos shared, and 60 million photos shared daily. It’s easy to understand why Instagram has quickly gone from a trendy app to a household name: pictures are easily shareable and surpass language and cultural barriers.

As a marketer, you have to monitor all social media channels, know the trends, and find out how you can get the most out of them. People connect with pictures on an emotional level, so it’s essential that your company incorporates photos into your social PR strategies. It will help your company resonate with your audience as well as optimize engagement.

Ways to incorporate pictures into your social PR strategy

Here are three ways in which you can integrate pictures into your social PR strategy:

1. Lay your cards on the table.
Save your customers the hassle of having to click another link just so they can enjoy the content you post. Show it to them within your profile’s wall or stream. Twitter Cards are also available for enhancement of Twitter posts with embedded photos or other media.

2. Let your personality shine.
People like to be in the know. Offer day-to-day realities of how your company does business. Instagram would be a great outlet to show behind-the-scenes activities in your company.

3. Enhance the story.
Increase production of new content such as blog posts, eBooks, and press releases with related photography posted on your company’s social media accounts. For linking photos back to the main content on your site, Pinterest would be a good choice as it is the number one social media source of website referral traffic and revenue, according to a report by The Container Store.

The popularity of social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr shows that photography is a great way to catch the attention of your target audience. So pull out that camera phone, start snapping, and profit from it!


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