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How to Get Your Customers to Hear What You have to Say

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Friday, November 29, 2013 |

You are in a crowded marketplace, struggling to place your business on a level above par. How do you get a prospective client's attention? What do you need to do for them to visit your website and stick around long enough to actually end up trying your product?

Communication strategies for businesses

Jellyvision Lab's Group Creative Director Tom Haley shares five tips for businesses to better inform and communicate with their customers.
Skip the non-important stuff.
Bear in mind that your customers are very busy people, so keep your message as brief and efficient as possible. Avoid giving out too much information. Present only the key facts about your product and how it can help; your customers don't have the time for a product history.
Explain special terminology or jargon before using it.
To ensure that you and your customers are on the same page, explain special words or phrases before using them throughout your message.
Whenever possible, use metaphors.
Using metaphors has a persuasive power and can help explain complicated concepts to customers. Because metaphors create vivid images in your reader's head, it will be easier to understand and remember your message.
Be funny.
In addition to increasing your persuasiveness, employing humor also holds customers' attention. Being funny connects you with your customers and builds relationships. It boosts trust and eases tension, therefore letting your customers have a better experience.
Tell the story in chronological order.
When trying to explain something to customers, use real-life context to help them better understand the message.
The key to being heard is to speak the language of your customers and to keep your message short and interesting.

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