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How to Create a Social Media Hub for Your Business

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 |

Engaging in Online Social Conversations through your Content

Did you know that you can use user-generated content in real-time and at the same time display all of your social media updates in one place?
Social media relies heavily on interaction, and isolating each conversation by using social channels independently simply isn't enough anymore. Bringing audiences together in a single place - a hub - encourages them to share more as it lets you stream social updates in real time, further motivating your audience to converse across platforms and carry your message to an even wider crowd.
Social hubs take your social media marketing to a whole new level. They can be used for everything - from displaying cross-platform updates on a big screen at a live event to embedding multiple social media feeds in your website.
Social Media Examiner gives us three ways to pull social conversation to a single hub and build an audience on the web.
1. Find a tool that allows you to moderate and display real-time interaction.
Postano allows social media marketing campaign integration with events or shows. Use it to show audience updates on a big screen at your event, prompting your fans to share their experience with friends across social platforms - of course they want to see their updates on the big screen! Further build the energy level by holding a voting contest during your event and encouraging fans to vote by using a specific hashtag, and then showcasing the results live on the big screen.
Make sure that the tool you are using lets you curate posts and updates to avoid accidental sharing of negative or inappropriate user updates.
2. Use a platform that lets you combine multiple feeds in your website.
RebelMouse is a platform that lets you use your own website to share posts and pull in related content from different publishers. In other words, it lets you create a digital newspaper within your website - a one-stop shop for the latest news.
3. Encourage audience participation.
Tint lets you transform your website into a dynamic social hub by offering a way to embed timeline-style social media feeds on a web page or screen, with options to personalize how the timeline is displayed and track hashtags or client testimonials. Similar to Postano and RebelMouse, Tint also allows you to moderate users' contributed content.
Use Tint to set up a social media display hub at an event. Your audience can participate by using the dedicated hashtag when they post related comments and photos, and these will appear on the company social media wall in real time.

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