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How to Connect with YouTube Influencers

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, July 23, 2015 |

In recent years, YouTube has played an integral part in helping brands market their products and services. Through influencers, it has been easy to reach potential customers who turn to them for product reviews, tips, and tutorials.

Partnering with YouTube Influencers

If you’ve been eyeing YouTube as an outlet for your video campaigns but don’t know where to start in terms of partnering with influencers, take a look at these tips from Social Media Examiner to help you get the word out about your company.

1. Find authentic YouTubers.
To get the most out of word-of-mouth marketing, find the right influencers for your brand (those who already embody your brand and truly love your product), and then allow them the creative freedom to position your product organically in their videos. A video that feels fake, forced or scripted only shuns potential customers. People don't go to YouTube to watch commercials; they're there to search for information and see their favorite video personalities give advice and offer interesting information.

2. Hire by fit, not by followers.
When searching for YouTubers to work on a campaign, it may seem enticing to simply hire the ones with the largest following or view counts. In theory, this makes sense. But if you don't have the right and natural fit, your message and product will likely go unnoticed. Aim for small- to mid-sized YouTube personalities who have a tight-knit community as your brand's target market. In particular, smaller influencers with a highly engaged audience around a niche subject are invaluable. Not only do they have greater impact, they are also often more cost-effective due to their audience size.

3. Track response to links.
Determine the success of a campaign by creating and providing a custom tracking link for each influencer, which leads back to your website, blog or product page. This way, you can see which influencers were most effective, and decide which ones you do and do not want to work on future campaigns. Ask your influencers to add your tracking link to the top of their video description, so viewers can easily find and click the link.

4. Offer coupon codes.
When viewers search for your company organically by opening up a new browser tab or when they watch your video on certain devices that don't allow clicking description links, it doesn't show up in your campaign results. A coupon code is an excellent way to track ROI and entice customers to take immediate action. It helps sway a potential customer who isn't sure about your product or service, while giving you a video conversion to track. YouTubers have established relationships with their audience, so when they provide a "special code" to use at checkout, it proves that they're true ambassadors. Also, influencers get more excited about promoting products with special discount codes because they want their audience to see that they're getting them a great deal.

5. Create titles that drive views.
Coming up with a title for the video in your campaign is just the same as writing the title of a blog post or a book - it needs to be interesting and catchy. Work with your influencer to create a headline that makes sense for your product and fits seamlessly with the type of titles and content the YouTuber is known for. Don't worry about getting your brand name in the video title. Unless your brand is already well-known and an established household name, working your brand name into the title may lead to fewer views. It may also scream “commercial”, and further reduce the number of views of your video campaign.

6. Optimize video for SEO.
When it comes to SEO, every little bit helps. Since Google owns YouTube, preference is often given to YouTube content in their search. To increase your search ranking, make sure your YouTube influencer includes your brand name and any other keywords associated with your product or company in the video description and tags.

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