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Healthcare Processes that can be Outsourced

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 |

According to a report from financial institution World Bank, 18 percent ($3 trillion) of the United States’ gross domestic product is spent on healthcare services. The growing demand for quality healthcare in the US is primarily driven by the growing number of citizens nearing retirement and the desire to get more value for their hard-earned money. The executives of healthcare institutions were seen looking for various ways to address the demand.

Even if outsourcing rapidly became the predominant solution to the challenges in the healthcare industry, and with the continuous growth of the healthcare outsourcing market, a large number of executives and medical administrators are still confused as to which healthcare processes can be outsourced. Here are the healthcare functions commonly outsourced, as listed at WPHealthcareNews.com:

Non-physician care
Treatments and processes that do not require a physician are commonly outsourced in patient care facilities and assisted living communities. Instead of having a full-time physician, these organizations outsource the processes to local consultants or licensed healthcare professionals that can perform non-physician treatments such as assistance in dialysis, diagnostics, and anaesthesia.
Management information system
Health institutions accumulate large volumes of data every year. Most of them need assistance in storing, securing, and updating databanks - especially during critical events in hospitals or healthcare facilities. Some organizations even outsource healthcare information management processes offshore where labor costs for licensed medical professionals are relatively lower.

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