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Get Better Service from Outsourcing Providers

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Outsourcing service providers deal with multiple clients at a time and in some cases, attention allotted for each client, whether we like it or not, is biased. Any business owner wouldnít want to be on their providerís bad side as this can affect their ability to negotiate and even discuss strategies with their providers.

An article at ComputerWorld.com reveals simple ways IT business executives can create a harmonious working environment.

1) Be ready to bear scrutiny. All negotiations are a two-way street so you donít need to shoot every idea or suggestion your provider gives. Keep in mind that whatever they suggest is always for your businessí best interest. Being a hardball will immediately give them the impression that you are unreasonable or not a team player.

2) Be transparent. Donít start the relationship with a surprise as this can lead to an unstable operation. By disclosing all the necessary information such as resources and current issues and challenges, you can combine your businessí strength and providerís skills in finding the best solutions to get the best results.     

3) Use the contract as a guide and not as an oracle. Following the contract to the core will result in conflicting ideas and lack of room for growth.  Contracts should also reflect your relationship and how you deal with your suppliers.

4) Acknowledge your providerís achievements. A good way of motivating your outsourcing partner is to acknowledge their hard work by rewarding them or praising them. This will tell them that you appreciate what they have done and you are also aware of their growth as a business.

5) Try to be more supportive of the process. Most businesses are still afraid to be associated with outsourcing as it is frowned upon in several industries and countries. However, it still means the world to clients to get feedback from satisfied customers as this could help them generate more leads and prove to other business owners who are still hesitant towards outsourcing that they can deliver and they do it well.

6) Change should start in you. Customers have the upper hand in outsourcing partnerships, which is why as the leader of the pack you should set a good example to your provider. Providers usually follow suit if they see that their customers are willing to work with them.  

7) Donít over analyze the budget. Outsourcing is very different nowadays. Before following a strict list of deliverables and their corresponding costs, try to see beyond the price and look at the benefits it can bring to your business.

8) Offer help. Outsourcing relationships are not perfect. If your provider begins to get side-tracked, help them resolve the issue instead of starting a blaming game, because unresolved issues will only cost you more money and delay your deliverables to your customers.

9) Itís your job to pay them. Any delays in payment can restrict the providers in accomplishing your goals.

10) Always try to be positive. There will be times when you will be fed up with the provider, but instead of scolding your outsourcing provider, hear their side of the story first and send them off with a warning, but it doesnít always mean that they will get away with everything or that you will always be lax in whatever situation youíre in.  

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