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Game Changers in the IT Services Arena

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Movers and Shakers in the IT Services Space

In an article published at CloudTimes.org, Gartner Inc. said the information technology (IT) sector is changing as it is leaning more towards mobile-based technology and data. David Cearly, Vice-president at Gartner said mobile-based processes are overtaking desktop-based technology. Some of which are mobile devices, social media innovations, cloud computing as well as web information. IT companies are now encouraged to address the growing demand for mobile services, specially the cloud-client architecture.

With this shift in the IT environment, the skills of IT employees are also anticipated to change. Front-end developers and designers should now consider mobile capabilities that are compatible with different browsers and mobile operating systems. Cearley also noted that consumers have new perspectives and expectations that should be addressed by application developers and designers.
Miko Matsumara, Senior VP for platform marketing and developer relations at Kii Inc., said the developers of today rely heavily on the cloud and have shifted from traditional architecture. He added that client cloud is similar to a programming platform, language, and model.

Meanwhile, Jim Duggan, Gartner’s VP for Research, said by 2015, mobile applications will be at the forefront and have surpassed static technology by 400 percent. Firms should also look into training programs for developers and outsourcing.
Gartner analysts predict that in the near future, businesses will allocate more funds on IT and will employ a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and by 2015, 25 percent will have CDOs. 

Another segment that is anticipated to grow is cloud security due to the increasing compliance regulations. Furthermore, Gartner sees enterprise service providers to acquire cloud-based identity access management solutions. Eighty percent of cloud security issues next year will be related to administrative errors and user management issues, said the firm. They also believe that 60 percent of large companies will only give mobile network access connectivity to their employees.


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