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Four Ways Startups can Gain more Leads

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, August 2, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

The tight competition among startup companies and the vague state of economies worldwide make the business arena a worrying adventure. Apart from staying afloat, new businesses need to defy detrimental factors to generate leads and make profit.  

There’s no doubt that larger companies equate to a more stable premise than startups, which in turn will make it even harder for the latter to scout for experienced sales candidates.

Tips to attract experienced sales personnel

Before small and new businesses resort to closing up shop, they fail to realize that there’s still hope, and there are options. The playing field is now even for the big guys and small players. An article written by Matt Ford posted at Business2Community.com indicates four ways on how they can attract credible sales personnel who could help boost the volume of their sales leads.

1. If you can’t find it locally, outsource it. Outsourcing has long been one of the simplest and easiest solutions to alleviate talent shortage and budget constraints. It is also flexible compared to other staffing models as business owners can add employees to the team or downsize depending on the needs of the operation.

2. Foster a healthy relationship. Get to know the candidates on a more personal level to understand some of their working habits, areas they excel in and what they want in a job. There are certain levels of expertise and of course, you’d want to know what could stimulate them to work for your company.

3. Show your worth. Showcase your company’s strengths and present to the potential candidate the areas you are at par with larger counterparts. For example, your company has the potential to become one of the fastest growing providers and he/she will be part of it.

4. Give them a preview of their future with your company.
  Sometimes, it’s not always about the salary. You can also share with them what makes you different from larger companies like the array of personal benefits, job diversity, and the fun working environment.

As you are looking for the right candidate, imagine yourself making a sales pitch as well. It all depends on how you deliver your message and intention and how you can help them in reaching their own goals.

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