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Every Company Needs a Cloud Computing Strategy

by: Karen Cayamanda

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | Outsourcing News |

Cloud Computing is regarded as an innovation in the field of information technology. However, according to a survey conducted by TPI, only 5% of companies invested on and created a Cloud Computing strategy when 20% of companies have resources to develop one. The population surveyed consists of 140 global IT decision-makers.

Why companies need a cloud computing strategy

Preparing for the foreseen technologies that can affect business should be prioritized. Cloud Computing is expected to have a great impact on business practices and TPI urges companies to come up with a strategic plan to maximize its advantages. What follows are the top five reasons companies should develop a strategy in dealing with the cloud.

1.    iPad Effect on Business - The iPad has become a popular gadget that infiltrated the world of business today. While this phenomenon reaped revenues for Apple, it also showed the multiple avenues wherein Cloud Computing can be used. To avoid confusion or improvised management systems on Cloud Computing, strategic steps have to be formed and implemented so as to facilitate its proper usage.

2.    Cost Control - While the recession has passed, companies do not see this as a reason to keep decreasing expenditures to a low minimum. The survey showed that the primary reason behind the massive support on Cloud Computing is cost savings in IT.

3.    Pricing Confusion - The pricing structure for Cloud Computing is seen as a pay-as-you-go setup. While this is the case theoretically, it doesn’t occur strictly in practice. The truth is, pricing and terms of service are different for various cases and needs. As such, it is of prime importance that companies take time in selecting the most optimal solution, while involving and preparing the entire organization for the process.

4.    Changing Landscape - Service offerings have altered and increased in variety with mergers and acquisitions in the works. New innovations in cloud-based services are causing clutter in the current landscape. A set strategy will help an organization filter options and providers in order to arrive at the best vendor and service model.

5.    Only the Beginning - Cloud Computing will be successful if it is managed with a centralized IT system that coordinates demand, capacity, and other essential factors. What helps in creating this system is planning in advance and strategizing even before implementation.


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