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Donít Shun the Sales Guy

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, February 20, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

Be Professional in Dealing with Sales People

More often than not, managers become flustered when they are assigned to manage the upcoming outsourcing operation. When these managers begin to scout for the right service provider, things might get a bit out of hand. Sooner or later, dozens of sales representatives will be bombarding them with sales pitches such as outsourcing ideas and packages.

To remind managers and business owners who are quick to shun these sales guys, here are Information Services Group’s five reasons they should show professionalism to the sales rep, published at TPI.net.

Show them why you deserve the deal. You have to keep in mind that the company you are working for is not the only one striving to remain competitive in this tough economy, so is the sales guy. Although sales guys offer varying factors such as pricing, turnaround time etc., you have to exert extra effort in showing how professional you are because after all, you too are representing your company. So if you are serious when meeting with them, they will be confident enough to tell themselves, “I need to level up my offerings to this person because he/she knows what’s best for the company and amid the numerous providers, he/she took the time to listen to me. I have to give him/her the best package there is.”

You want the best candidates.
Like in any company, candidates are often grouped into team leaders, seniors, and juniors. Unlike the belief that providers base the deployment of candidates on the size of the deals, the sales guy knows what’s best for you and is in it for you to win in the industry.

You are up against time.
Clients usually blame the sales guy for the delay of the deal’s progress. This often results to an unenthusiastic reaction from the providers. Why? Because if clients start to ask about what was recently discussed and begin to re-set meetings, the sales guy will lose his drive to give you what you need. Listen to what the sales guy has to say so that you don’t have to review what went down during the previous meeting. More importantly, treat them fairly so they will be motivated to work for you.
You want good rates? Beef up your relationship.
Whether you like it or not, the sales guy is the only one who can bend the pricing rules for you. He is working to get you that extra price cut and long-term discounts. Be sure to keep him on your side because if you can treat him extra nicely, you will have better pricing results.

You want an ironclad deal.
Don’t be disappointed when the arrangements are taking a while. In most cases, the sales guy is working twice as hard to get your contract reviewed by the legal department and make marginal adjustments, ensuring that you are presented with the best deal based on your requirements. Avoid being indecisive because the clearer and faster you give directions, the faster they can secure the deal for you.

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