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Why Customer Support Outsourcing is Not Only for Big Businesses

by: Mary Christine Galang

Thursday, June 15, 2017 |

To answer the question above directly: no. All types of businesses – start-ups, small business enterprises, and large corporations – place customer services as one of their key priorities. This requires full integration of communication channels, both mobile and landline, inbound and outbound. Outsourcing customer support ensures immediate, round-the-clock assistance with managerial supervision and quality control.

Both SMEs and large corporations can benefit from customer support outsourcing

It’s not just large companies that need to cut costs.
It is beneficial for smaller businesses with limited manpower to outsource their customer support that can delegate agents to handle more customers, especially during peak season and unanticipated spikes in call volume. It will be less expensive to outsource the task to trained agents instead of hiring full-time employees and paying for benefits.

It’s not just large companies facing problems in providing personal attention to their customers.
The quality of the products and/or services being offered might be top-notch, but it does not always translate to the same quality in customer support. Smaller enterprises, in particular, are less likely to prioritize hiring a dedicated customer service staff. This task will fall to someone who might not be fully equipped to address the specific problem an irate or frustrated customer is calling for. This might be interpreted as inattention, unreliability, and could be a room for error. Ultimately, this can cause a loss in revenue.

It’s not just large companies that look for significant growth.
Outsourcing customer support enables the company’s in-house staff to focus on their core skills and expertise, and leave the task of customer assistance to trained specialists.

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