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Content Marketing Tasks that should (or shouldn’t be) Outsourced

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, October 28, 2013 |

There are many types of internet users and it’s very likely that they run into advertisements that range from web banners and video commercials to pop-ups and text content. It wouldn’t be a surprise to know that most of those ads are created by content marketing service providers. In fact, a study revealed that 44 percent of B2B organizations outsource content marketing tasks.

Many businesses outsource their content creation because they do not have the necessary skill set in-house, and they want to cut their operational expenses.


Looking to outsource content marketing tasks?

To get the most out of the outsourcing operation, businesses need to pay close attention to the metrics, proper training of the workers, as well as the strategy involved in the outsourcing process.

But the question is: which type of content should you outsource, and which should be kept in-house? Business2Community.com shares some insights from content marketing experts:

Blog management
Work doesn’t stop once a blog went live. It includes monitoring the success rate or reach of each post and studying the trends for a certain industry so you would the topics to cover the next time you write for the blog. Once a blog post is published, the webmaster needs to promote the material through various platforms for more online visibility.

Article writing
Forty percent of active blogs in the US today are used to promote products. However, not all companies have the necessary skills to create high quality articles. When an article is identified by search engines as relevant and of good quality, it has a higher chance of showing up in the top spots of search engine results.

Landing page content creation
According to a report created by HubSpot, companies that have a lot of landing pages are more exposed to users and potential leads. Whitepapers and ebooks are suitable types of landing pages that can be used to redirect users to the website.

Social media management
Managing social media accounts is probably one of the time-consuming processes in content marketing. You have to deal with followers in real-time and address their inquiries.

Visual content and design
Visual content and design require a lot of creativity. Visual content is a great means for branding and catching the interest of users. It is also a great way to express something that cannot be put into words.

Keep In-house:

Company mission statement
Nobody knows more about the company than the internal management. What business executives can do is to create a mission statement on their own then ask an expert to proofread the material before publishing it.

Branding guidelines and style

Branding is essential in any company. Before a brand is represented externally, every business owner should have a design brief to present to their contractors. This includes the tone of a marketing campaign and how they want to be communicated to users.

Data on target market

The internal team should have data regarding their target market. Information is collected through extensive research and survey among their clients.

Marketing goals

Goals shouldn’t be dictated by the service provider. Business owners are the ones who tell the service provider what they want to achieve.

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