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Call Center Outsourcing Blunders

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 |

Businesses use voice-based services for various reasons: generate leads, address after-sales issues, improve their customers’ user experience, and increase profit. 

One popular delivery model for call center operations is offshore outsourcing where companies are able to take advantage of lower operation costs, labor arbitrage, and tax incentives. They usually outsource to countries such as the Philippines that have a large, English-speaking workforce. The country was named as the ‘World’s Best Country in Business English’ by the GlobalEnglish Corporation last April, making it a stronger contender in the voice outsourcing space. 

To maximize and strengthen the potential of a call center outsourcing operation, clients should avoid these common mistakes, as posted at Business2Community.com:  

Selecting the wrong provider
It all boils down to selecting the right service provider. Even if you have set a specific and original goal but the provider doesn’t live up to your business’ standards, the entire operation will not be successful. Only deal with providers that are trusted and recommended in the industry.

Not paying attention to the results
A call center provider should have the proper tools and experience to quantify the results of an operation. Apart from performing the tasks assigned to them, they should be able to point out the areas that need improvement, and check if they are in fact contributing to the growth of the business.

Forgetting that social media can also be used as an alternative for voice support
As users become more socially-driven these days, business owners should not forget about customer relationship management (CRM), which is a process that significantly impacts user-generated content (UGC). Hence, whatever the customer posts about the company or service, it would be ideal to have someone from the provider side acknowledge whatever sentiment the customers are expressing.

Using a played-out script
The first interaction of a call center employee with a customer is critical in creating a solid base of a sales pitch. Service providers that offer an unnatural script may put off potential leads which will be a waste of your time and budget. Make sure to collaborate with your provider so they would know the tone and approach you would want to be used.

Overlooking the result of lead generation   
After the chosen call center provider has reached their quota in generating leads, who will reel them in? The client should clearly identify what will happen next to the leads generated by the provider so they wouldn’t end up with a bottleneck, or worse, potential customers losing interest on their product or service. 

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