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Business Process Mistakes to Avoid

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, December 12, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Things to Avoid in Business Processes

A post at Business2Community.com shares common business process errors that lead to problems in the operation.

Not having a goal
Business owners often overlook that they have to set an inclusive goal to align all divisions. Each department has their own set of goals, but this doesn’t automatically imply that they no longer need to work and collaborate with everybody else in the company.

Goals help set the teams on the right path, and everyone in the company is part of a bigger picture, which is to drive growth and profits.

Relying solely on technology
Technology is now at its peak with every business and consumer embracing the tech trends, especially mobile connectivity and gadgets.   

With all the benefits technology has today, businesses still shouldn’t create their plans and rely solely on technology. Executives should always look into backup systems and even tried-and-tested manual labor to ensure that if anything goes wrong, they still have something to go back to.

Being able to innovate without disrupting business operations is also something executives should consider. Every time an operation stops, investors lose money and valuable time.

Failing to document processes and important data

Being diligent in keeping and recording data can help a business in the long run. It could be used as a guide for future improvements on the processes. For instance, a business is planning to expand and hire more employees, they can use their records to streamline and standardize processes.

Recording untested processes
If you are still in the staging and testing parts of a process, it is recommended that you do not document these processes to avoid misunderstanding in the future.  Moreover, it will save companies valuable time and resources if they skip this part and just focus on making the process a success.

Disregarding relationships
Having a strong relationship and rapport with the customers - even amongst the team members - helps improve an operation. By investing in relationships, executives can understand the challenges and achievements of an operation better.  It will foster an environment where employees take pride in their jobs and can earn a steady flow of customers.

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