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Benefits of Outsourcing Health Information Management Processes

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, December 6, 2013 |

The recent developments in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the United States have resulted to an onslaught of challenges for both healthcare providers and American patients. Healthcare institutions are still having a hard time building reputable relationships with the public, while patients or those who were subjected to any type of medical treatment and processing their medical bills on their own, have a hard time understanding the details of how to claim health benefits.

It is a known fact that insurance companies are very stern when it comes to proper medical billing and coding practices. Medical bills that contain even the slightest of errors are often rejected leading to forfeiture of a claim. Another issue in the industry is the continuous evolution of the policies and standards in healthcare. Physicians and administrators are found allotting time and money on factors such as training, software, and other tools and practices to fuel innovation. However, these things have created a domino effect on their cash flow and revenues as some hospitals end up with unredeemed billing claims.

Since hospitals and healthcare facilities recognized by the government are still relying on archaic technology and processes, they are now looking for affordable and reliable business solutions that can help ease the bottleneck of frustrated patients waiting for their medical bills and insurance to be sorted out.

An article at HuffingtonPost.com shows how medical billing outsourcing can be utilized to streamline billing processes between hospitals and patients.
- Medical billing service providers are focused on resubmitting claims and processing faster collections because most of them charge on a percent basis. The more claims they are able to process, the more they are able to return your investments and achieve their goals.
- Medical billing service providers take care of the training, salary, benefits, and manage the needs of their employees Ė making it easier for you since you donít have to go through all of those aspects.
- Providers have the tools and expertise needed in handling large volumes of medical billing claims.
- Compliance is a critical issue in the billing industry. Certified billing companies are always up-to-date with the requirements and healthcare laws.
- It will be easier for hospitals to operate and focus on providing healthcare services needed by patients. They will be able to minimize costly errors that hamper cash flow throughout the organization.
- For the patients, medical billing service providers often help out in finding solutions for them if they are not covered or eligible for Medicaid or health insurance.
- Health information management providers aim for a collaborative and positive billing experience for patients, boosting customer satisfaction for healthcare organizations.

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